Fall Into Fall Party!

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Any opportunity to celebrate life and the change of seasons is a great thing since it breeds creativity, bonds family members as they prepare things for each other, and creates memories of fun times. It doesn’t have to be expensive and you can easily plan a Fall party for just your own children or for their friends (and yours!) as well. Here are some ideas to help you plan your own adult or child “Fall Into Fall” party.


  • An invitation printed on sticker paper and then cut to size and adheared to a package of instant hot cider mix can both invite and warm your friend!
  • Leaf cutouts and fall scrapbook embellishments, of course, make beautiful invitations when put on fall colored paper.


  • Cold lemonade and hot mulled cider give a taste of both summer’s end and fall’s beginning. Both are also easy to adapt into “hard” drinks for the adults!
  • Whole wheat tortilla shells layered with deli turkey meat, cream cheese, and cranberry sauce can be rolled and cut into spirals (held together with tooth picks) for an easy summer-like but with fall flavor finger food.
  • Pasta spirals tossed with fresh zucchini and summer squash (quarter slices), halved cherry tomatoes, chunks of cheddar cheese, and italian dressing make a great and easy Fall pasta salad! Allow for the ingredients to marinade together overnight for the most robust flavor.
  • Frost a double layered round cake with a pale yellow icing and then place round chocolate cookies sporadically around the cake, but not too close together. Using dark orange icing, pipe flower petals around each cookie that taper at the end to create the look of a black-eyed susan or sunflower. Using green icing, add a leaf here and there to fill in the look. Cut a few cookies in half and use them on the borders where the top and side or bottom and sides meet to balance out the look. If you want, you can even cover the cookies with dark brown stars or dots of icing to resemble sunflower seeds.
  • Sugar cookies shaped like leaves can either be decorated before hand and offered as a desert or party favor, or can be decorated by the kids for a fun activity. Having the kids dye white icing various “fall” colors can add an extra learning opportunity to the whole event.


  • Create an autumn themed scavenger hunt. Send the kids out with cell phones to take photos of the objects they find, or bags to collect the objects in. Include items like fall flowers and plants or wildlife, and end-of-summer items like a pair of sun glassses and tanning lotion.
  • Using various leafs, paint, and scrapbooking supplies, have the kids make their own leaf identification books with the actual leaf or a painted leaf print and the name of the tree it comes from.
  • Before everyone arrives, create a huge pile of leaves and hide small objects amongst them (“summer” objects can be fun since they’re now being covered up by “fall” leaves). At your command, the participants must dig through the leaves and find as many objects as possible either within a designated amount of time or until all of the objects are found. You can assign a point value to each item to determine a winner or just let each person keep what he or she finds. Blind folding the participants can add another layer of fun to the game.
  • For teens or adults, have everyone come with a small knitted or crocheted blanket and their yarn and needles or hook. Allow each person to attach small items you provide to their blanket and then bring the blankets to a public area with lots of trees. Wrap each blanket around a different tree’s trunk and then use the yarn you brought to attach the blanket to the tree. This can add a huge artistically beautiful and fun look to any public area! Add a laminated note if you want about that “tree wrap”’s creator and why she chose the colors, textures, and objects she did to that tree.
  • Have each person bring one dry ingredient to be used for a dry soup mix. When everyone’s together, assemble the ingredients and put into individual cello or plastic baggies with instructions and tied with a ribbon. Send one home with each family or donate to a local food pantry—the number of families served by our local food pantries greatly increases during the cold weather!
  • Hold a scarecrow contest by providing hay, garbage bags, twine, scissors, and accessories to your guests. Divide everyone into groups of 4 people and give them 7 minutes to create the best scarecrow person they can. Award the titles of “Most Creative,” “Beauty Queen,” and “SCAREcrow” to the most deserving creations.
  • For adult women, have everyone bring a wreath base and then provide the tools to create fall wreathes. After they’re complete, the women can trade with each other, take their own home, or give them to the residences at a local Nursing Home!

The key to having a successful Fall Into Fall party is to keep things conversation oriented for adults and activity oriented for kids. Providing mostly active with a few passive things planned for both age groups will help keep your party flowing with the right amount of energy and fun.

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  1. whitneywalters on October 27th, 2010 11:55 pm

    Neat ideas

  2. born2bamama on October 28th, 2010 3:00 am

    Beautiful decorations!

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