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Posted 03-31-2012 at 08:45 AM by Krista

My husband and I are trying to create a tight knit family for our two girls. We want them to know that family comes first, and that when something is wrong you drop everything to help them out. Neither of us really grew up this way, but we are trying to start something new with our own girls. We feel that this is the way family should act—to be a unit, to help each other out. Of course, this includes the spouses they one day choose to marry and their own children.

I know my daughters feel loved. At least if nothing else, they know I love them. They both greet me with smiles and hugs in the morning, they love kisses and I can make them giggle like no one else can! I adore them.

Just the other day I came to realize that the lessons I am trying to teach are indeed being absorbed and learned. I was walking in the park, pushing my princesses in their double stroller when Ali began reciting, “Mama, Daddy, Na-na, Ne-ne, Me!” She kept saying it over and over. Finally, I asked her, “Are you telling me who is in our family?”

“Yeah, Ma,” she responded—toddler speak for “yes ma’am”.

“OK,” I replied. “Who is in our family?”

“Mama,” she replied promptly.

“And?” I asked.



“Na-Na,” she replied, using her pet name for her sister.


“Ne-ne,” she said, using her term for my mother, who calls
herself their “Mimi”.

“And?” I asked again.

She paused dramatically before pointing to herself and shouting, “ME!”

It definitely warmed my heart. Now she likes me to write all of our names, or have me draw pictures of us. It moves me that she is not only understanding the concept of family but recognizes who is in hers!

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