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Posted 04-8-2013 at 10:37 AM by whitneywalters

My three year old daughter Kairi was diagnosed with lead poisoning last summer. Lucky for us her levels were not high enough to require chelation, just needed case management and diet change. We treated her by giving her extra calcium, iron and potassium. She had to have her blood tested several times and each time the level had dropped. Finally in late February we got the news we had been waiting for, her levels were finally under ten. That meant we were finally able to stop with case management and she will only need one more blood test ( they want to see it under 5 ) but it will not be for a couple months.

I am so happy that my baby girl is getting better. This whole ordeal has been very hard on us all. Chris and I hated having to get her blood drawn ( she had to have it drawn twice and the rest of the time they just did finger pokes ), Kairi would have a total melt down and usually it took a couple people to hold her down. She would cry for a long time after the blood draw as well. When they did the finger poke she would stop crying as soon as they put the band aid on. We always took her out for a treat afterwards also.

Kairi is a really smart girl. She is three and know her shapes, colors, alphabet and can count pretty high. She loves to sing, dance and has a great imagination. We are still unsure if Kairi is going to have life long affects from lead poisoning. That is something we will not know and will just have to watch as she gets older. She already has been through speech therapy and her speech has gotten a lot better. I took her out of therapy when she turned three because they wanted to take her out of my home to do and we were not comfortable with that at all. I continued working with her and she has come so far.


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