Finding Delight In The Little Things

Posted 06-19-2013 at 02:42 PM by whitneywalters

If I had to pick the most important thing that having children has taught me, I would have to pick how they have taught me that delight is in the little things.

If you have ever sat and watched a child play outside then you know what I am talking about. The way they delight in every new discovery they make, how they find a yard full of dandelions is so beautiful and how a bug is the most fascinating thing in their day.

My two older daughters  love flowers. Destiny was beyond delighted when our whole yard was a dandelion field this spring. She went around picking her flowers, giving them to her sisters, making bouquets for me and wearing them in her hair. She did not care that they were just weeds, to her they were wonderful. She is also in awe of the blooms on our pear tree. I have gotten used to seeing them in the spring and really I had forgotten just how pretty the tree was. Destiny made sure to make a big deal out of it to remind me.

Kairi loves to go around the yard and pick all the little flowers she can find. Every time she find ones she will run to me and very excitedly show me her flower. Even if it looks just like the last one, she is still very excited about this new flower she picked. She is also a big ice cream fan, she likes ice cream more then anyone in the house. When we tell her we are going out for ice cream, she will jump up and down saying ice cream, ice cream.

My son is my bug hunter. He is fascinated with all the creepy crawlies he can find outside. He likes to catch them, look at them and let them go. He likes reading about them and then trying to find all the ones he has read about. One of his favorite things about summer is catching fireflies. He also loves being in the pool. 

Amelia is not yet two and right now she takes the most delight in animals. She loves our cats and our dog. She will squeal when they come to her. She calls them her kee-kees and the dog is Maa ( Max ). She will nuzzle into their fur and love on them whenever they let her. She really likes going out and seeing my parent’s baby goats. She likes to pet them and watch them run around and play. We go to the zoo fairly often and even though we are seeing the same animals again and again, she acts like it is the first time she has seen any of them. She also loves the swing set, swinging makes her very happy.

Kids really remind you about all the beauty in life around you. How excited they get over nature, the way they ohhh and aww over fire works, how amazing they find baby animals and how everything is an adventure to them.

I love watching my kids delight in every day life. It amazes me to see them encounter new things. Like they way they acted when they were introduced to a younger sibling for the first time. It warmed my heart to see them count the babies little toes, stroke their hair and how you could see them falling in love with their new sibling.

I think we all need to be a little bit more like our children sometimes. It would do us all some good to learn to take delight in the little things.

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  1. omahonycm on June 23rd, 2013 7:55 am

    I agree. And when I do remember to stop and look at the world like they do – I’m always glad of it.

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