Finding the perfect gift for my husband

Posted 11-23-2012 at 08:32 AM by whitneywalters

Christmas is almost here and I have been doing a lot of shopping already for the kids but I am stuck on what to get my husband. Chris is not really that hard to shop for, he likes a lot of things but I seem to get him the same thing year after year. He makes me a list each year and aside from a few small things, it is the same thing. He asks for new video games, boxers shorts, gift cards to use for his lunch break at work and books. I have been doing pretty much the same thing year after year since we got married in 2005.

We have had a pretty rough year when is comes to money and my husband has made a lot of sacrifices for the family. He always handles it so well, I want to do something really nice for him to show him how much I truly adore him and how thankful the family is for all he has done for us.

There are a few different things he has been wanting but has not bought himself because we needed the money for other things. I know he wants a kayak, I am looking into getting one but I need to see how he would be able to haul it. I think I would have to buy a rack for the car or van so I have some researching to do.

I have managed to squeeze a couple of other ideas out of him, like the Lord of the Rings collection on  blu ray. He recently read my Lord of the Rings books and is hooked on it. He also needs a better tool box, new shoes, pants, a better electric razor and some other random items.

I need to narrow it down and pick the right thing soon. I know that my shopping time is going to run out sooner then I even want to think. I am really excited about Christmas this year. I can not wait to surprise him with a really amazing gift this year.

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