Fish Out of Water

Posted 02-29-2012 at 01:12 PM by Krista

Something very important, something vital is missing from my life. My camera. About a year ago my husband bought me a Olympus tough tike because I am clumsy and always have my camera. As such, my camera and I take many tumbles together and I have managed to break quite a few. Add to this scenario two toddler girls, and you can imagine how frightened I had become for my poor, dear camera. My husband, in his infinite (okay, occasional) wisdom decided I needed, literally, an unbreakable camera. This camera can be dropped from five feet. This camera can go several feet underwater. It can be frozen. And it’s cute to boot.

The only problem is…it doesn’t work. For the second time since I have gotten it, I’ve had to send it off to be repaired. In fact, this camera isn’t actually my original, but a refurbished one that I received because they were taking too long to fix my original camera, and I was off to Disney World. How can one go to Disney World without a camera? To my way of thinking, how can anyone go anywhere without one?

Being that that is the case, perhaps you have already guessed my dilemma. I literally feel like a fish out of water without my camera in hand. A few times a week I will forget and dash off to find it before I remember that it isn’t here. And even if it was, it wouldn’t do me any good. I had been borrowing my mother-in-law’s camera for awhile before hers, too, stopped working. I know what you’re thinking, and I am not a camera jinx. At least…I don’t think I am.

I am now developing a list of things I want to photograph when I get my camera back. The girls with pants on their heads, (their idea, not mine. It was cute, though!) riding their bike together, and just being plain silly. They are growing so fast, and I cannot capture it! It’s very frustrating. I will say though that I am more relaxed about their silliness. I just join in the fun rather than saying, “Wait! Hold that pose!” Sometimes by the time I’d gotten the camera the moment was over and I’d never really gotten to enjoy it.

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