Five Innovative Ways to Bond as a Family

Posted 09-7-2010 at 03:29 PM by Ellen

Family time is one of the most important times in our lives.  As children grow, the bonds that are formed as well as the lessons that are learned come in great part from the time spent with family.  Here are some ideas on how to spend quality time with each other.

(1) Grocery Shopping – Everyone in charge of something.

One of the most important times in a family is mealtime. Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, mealtimes are often an exciting part of the day. Can you hear the kids asking for something to eat? No family escapes this time and as such it can be used to create a time of bonding amongst the members. If you are an adventurous type of person or if you feel particularly dangerous then this idea may be just for you!

Planning a meal is a good way to come together as a family. The twist however is in allowing the children to choose the ingredients for a meal. You can give them a limit on items, cost, food genre, or all of the above. Say for example that you have 5 or 6 year olds, they can be taught what kind of ingredients go into a certain meal. You can guide them in their decision but they need to opportunity to select their food item.

Go to the grocery store and let them select the item they will contribute to the meal. Have fun with it! If the meal will be spaghetti, then suggest crazy items and watch their reactions. Once the items are selected and paid for, go home and create the meal together!

(2) Adding Flowers to Your Garden – Everyone’s creativity is included.

While the season to plant flowers may be coming to an end, there are still some good sales at stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Local nurseries are also a good place (and better in my opinion) to find good flowers. Allowing each family member to select one flowering plant is a great way to add some ownership to the yard and maybe even some much needed décor.

Kids will love choosing their own plant and you will be able to tell a lot from what they choose. Are they moving towards a more extravagant type of flower or a subdued color flower in smaller clusters? Have fun with the selections and then go home and plant them together. Allow them to be able to help out as much as they are able and you might even decide to name your plants. When children see their plant in the yard it will help to make them compassionate and careful about what happens to it.

(3) Making Your own Movie – Everyone is a star.

With modern technology, the ease of video-recording has become a reality. Even cell phones have video cameras now so making videos has become a thing that everyone can do. How about making short films with your family? You may decide to recreate a fairy tale with dad as the Big Bad Wolf or Mom as the Fairy Godmother. For those who want more of a challenge, how about recreating a scene from a movie that the family likes?

Allow the kids to dress in costume or make puppets and then record the action! They will be so excited to see their “work” on screen and the whole family will own priceless memories. This is such an inexpensive thing to do and it will involve everyone. For the bold at heart, you might even decide to post your videos online to share with family and friends. Maybe they can get into the action as well and create response videos. Use your imagination and allow your kids to use theirs too. You never know if you have a future thespian in your midst.

(4) Writing a Story –What if?

What if Little Red Riding Hood took place on the beach? What if the Three Little Pigs were all architects? What if the Tortoise used a go-kart against the Hare? Imagine the possibilities of the scenarios listed above. Can your family finish the story? A fun project to make as a family is to create your own picture book. It does not need to be fancy. A bound notebook or a few pieces of paper stapled together would work equally well. Have mom or dad write the story and leave a blank space for images. Then have the family each take a page and draw or color the action! Once completed, the book could be showcased on a bookcase or the living room table for all to see.

Allowing family members to contribute their ideas towards a common goal is what we are after. Praise each family member for their work and creativity and then, make another book!

(5) Recording Your Own CD – Making organized noise.

You children may not be able to play a musical instrument but you might. Maybe no one in the family is musical. That’s ok, we can all sing and singing songs that kids know is fun.  Have you tried recording your family singing together or making music? Even if it doesn’t sound good, kids love hearing themselves. Come up with 3 or 4 songs as a family and practice. Then, when everyone is ready you can start recording. Enjoy the final product as a family and laugh together. These recordings can become a special memory for your kids. Who knows, maybe you can play these again when your child is getting married!

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2 Responses to “Five Innovative Ways to Bond as a Family”

  1. happymommyandwife on September 11th, 2010 11:26 pm

    Great Ideas!!

  2. blackberry75 on September 14th, 2010 3:04 pm

    I really like these. We’ve been having a hard time connecting with the preteens. But they both love to make up stories, sing and love, love, love seeing themselves in home movies. This article is really helpful. Now if I could just get them to sit still long enough to eat dinner at the table, lol.

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