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Posted 12-31-2012 at 11:23 AM by Krista

I have been astounded by the love and understanding given and the knowledge imparted from woman to woman on sites like Diaperswappers. I have become very close with a member of such a site, and we have been exchanging emails, phone calls and even gifts for the past few months. I suppose it’s the closest I will ever come to knowing what online dating feels like!

My friend lives in Australia and surprised me with the news that she would be coming down for New Year’s to help me celebrate my husband’s birthday! I am so very excited to meet this wonderful woman as much as I am nervous. I hope she likes me “in real life” as much as she does when we are online. I hope that we get along—you can’t see idiosyncrasies over the phone! I hope it’s not awkward. And yes, yes before anyone asks—I have checked her out. I know she’s a real person. Wait, scratch that. I know she’s the real person that she claims to be. I have her government email address for heaven’s sake!

Despite the crazy worries, I feel so very blessed to live in an age where I could meet her, because without the internet and being able to afford a computer we never would have met. I am blessed each and every day by the friendship that she offers, and the way that she listens even when she can’t empathize personally with what I am going through. I am so, so blessed that she chose to spend her summer holiday (Australia, remember) to come see my family!

Most of all, I will be glad to finally have her eat grits so I no longer have to explain in conversations! Not to mention watching Gone With the Wind. What is wrong with these Australians?!

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