Funny Advantages That Come With Cloth Diapers

Posted 04-8-2014 at 11:45 AM by Matrivine

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There are many advantages that come with cloth diapers. My child has less diaper rash. I don’t have to worry about what absorbing chemicals are in a diaper or if it will burst in the night. These aren’t the only advantages that come with switching to cloth diapers. Much to my surprise, I have also found a few advantages to cloth diapers that make me laugh.

Less Nudity

Since we switched to cloth diapers, my toddler finds it more difficult to remove his diaper just because he feels like it. The snaps are more difficult to work than the velcro on a disposable diaper. He has in fact gone in the opposite direction. Instead of trying to remove his clothes, he has started bringing the outfit he wants to wear to me every morning. Cloth diapers haven’t helped his matching skills, but he likes wearing his clothes more now.

Color Coding Kids

Our snap diapers come in a wide variety of colors. We like letting one child wear the reds and pinks and the other child wear blues and greens. When our child is running by we know which it is by a quick glance. We also like to match clothes color by diaper. It reduces the amount of cute clothing we buy for our children. It also helps our child with his previously mentioned clothes matching issues.

Less Garbage

If your significant other is adamant that taking out the trash is your job, then cloth diapers just may be for you. We reduced our trash by a full bag a week just by switching to cloth diapers. This means that I don’t have to nag my spouse as much about taking out the trash. We also no longer have a bag of human waste in our home. Sure diaper pails contain scent and waste, but it has to be more sanitary just not having it in our home at all.

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