Germs Among Us

Posted 11-30-2011 at 11:35 AM by Monica Beyer

As if I didn’t have enough going on in my life, with writing, sewing, cooking, cleaning, driving, parenting, nursing, not sleeping … last night as I went to bed I noticed a certain rawness in my throat. Sure enough, when I woke up for good this morning I confirmed that I had a bug.

I can’t define which bug it is, but it’s pretty yukky. I have felt a lot worse and I have felt a million times better. My throat is a little sore but I have a  major headache and feel very run down. I hope that if I take it easy today I will chase it off quickly, but until then I’m going to try to chug water, take some extra vitamin D and rest as much as possible.

Every mom feels this way — mothers should not be allowed to get sick. My children’s needs do not change because I feel awful, or may be contagious, or cannot deal with sitting up or, God forbid, standing up. I still will need to breastfeed on demand my toddler while reading books to her and making sure she does not kill herself. I will still need to make sure my older children are fed and their homework done, although they will be a huge help to me today because they are older.  I may or may not get the many projects completed that I have started.

I will be a manager today, instead of a hands-on worker. I will make an easy, yet delicious, dinner. I will drink a cup of tea, or two. I will sit here with my laptop if I don’t have anyone climbing on me. I will wish I had a TV in the living room, even though I’m really glad that I don’t. I may, in fact, watch a movie, which I never do.

How do you deal with your regular life when you’re sick?


About Monica: Monica has been writing professionally since 2000 and has two published books — Teach Your Baby to Sign and Baby Talk. Her writing appears in a number of websites. The mother of four children, Monica is a cloth diaper and natural parenting enthusiast. She also sews custom fleece soakers, shorties, skirties and longies at Mama Bird.

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One Response to “Germs Among Us”

  1. BooneNicuMama on November 30th, 2011 10:32 pm

    If I have my eldest step daughter, I employee her eleven year old hands to aid in the care of my 2 year old and my 1 year old. I have the 9 year old help tend the 6 year old, and mom is the worst parent ever and pops in a movie to entertain them all while she cheats with dinner. I always have pot pies or TV dinners on hand just in case dad has to watch them, or I forget to go to the store. So there is dinner. I solve the big problems, and am still around, monitoring, laying on the couch, attempting to rest.

    Without the step girls, I am left to play movies and provide snacks to the 2 and 1 year olds while their father is at work. It’s still pretty simple though. I leave the house work for when I’m better. The kids are the only thing that is super important at that point. As long as they are fed and diapers are changed, life is fine =) The longer mom takes to get better, the more work falls behind, so why not make mommy at least #2 on the list when she’s ill? ( Cause kids will always be #1 =) )

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