Getting Daddy Comfortable With Cloth Diapers

Posted 04-4-2014 at 12:44 PM by Matrivine

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My husband was finally used  to changing a disposable diaper. He could roll it up and dispose of it. He knew which side was the front and how to unfold the diaper. Then we switched to cloth diapers and daddy had to beat the learning curve of diapers all over again.

I’m a stay at home mom and the main diaper changer in the home, but on the weekends I let my husband take over a little bit in that department. It didn’t take long to notice that he wasn’t comfortable with cloth diapers at all.

Don’t Expect Him To Know

I needed to sit down with him over a loaded diaper and teach him how we change diapers all over again. For example, we didn’t just roll them up and toss them away anymore. If they have solid waste it needs to be disposed of in the toilet as much as possible after the changing. We use inserts. It was important to know how to place them and which side of the diaper was the front and which snaps wrapped around.

What was even more important than all the diapering logistics was not making my husband feel like an idiot for not knowing how these new diapers worked. I asked questions and demonstrated. The next opportunity came to him.

A Trial Run

After about two weeks I packed the diaper bag for my husband and let him take our little one on an outing by himself. I explained what the wet bag was for and how to deal with a diaper change in public. I even let him know that many stores now have a family bathroom and if there weren’t changing areas in the mens’ room that he could use that. I also warned him that our son didn’t like the plastic changing tables but he would be okay as long as he had a toy to occupy himself. A few hours later my husband came back with built confidence. Our son was clean and well cared for. The diaper bag was a little worse for wear, but that was okay. I reminded him about the wet bag but made sure he had fulfilled his primary responsibility to our son.

How did your husband adjust to cloth diapering?

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  1. Carol Root on April 9th, 2014 3:30 am

    Totally agree with you. My husband has the same problem. My baby is one year old yet my husband is not able to deal with cloth diapers. I’m working woman so to take care of the baby all time is a little bit difficult for me. Just because of this I purchased pocket diapers for my little baby. Its very Adjustable, Snug-Fitting, Colorful, Dependable, Trusted.

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