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Posted 09-24-2012 at 10:22 AM by whitneywalters

We are a home schooling family and this is the first year that our oldest had to be officially signed up for school.  We are still trying to get into the swing of things around here. We have been doing work with our two oldest for awhile now but nothing was ever official. We would just do some workbook work and then I would let them get on for awhile each day. Now that he is officially in school we are trying to get things pinned down a little more when it comes to the amount of work and timing. I do not want to have a set schedule, part of the reason I am home schooling is because I want to have a flexible schedule when it comes school.

We do not want to have set times for classes but we have told him that he is expected to have his school work done before daddy gets home from work and that there will be no video games until his work is done. He is doing really well with the rules so far and is pretty excited about school.

The main classes he has this year are math, reading and writing. Everything else we do is more of a for fun class than anything else. Each day he is required to do pages from his work book, I like to see him do between 10-20 pages a day. Then we do a level one reader (this is what I am using to teach him to read) and we will do addition or subtraction flash cards. Most days he wants to read from one of his animal science books and spend some time on abcmouse as well. We have plans  to do some fun science experiments, like making rock candy and making a disappearing egg. We also want to do some fall scavenger hunts and different seasonal art projects.

Right now things do seem a little hectic but I know that as we get used to having him actually be “in school” things will get easier around here.

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