Getting Ready for Our Baby

Posted 02-27-2012 at 11:28 AM by Krista

My husband and I are getting very excited about the idea of completing our family! Since our last two pregnancies were unplanned, we didn’t really experience the fun of trying to get pregnant, and the eager anticipation that comes with it—though I can also say that we certainly didn’t experience the stress that can come with trying to conceive, either.

We were walking around Target today and I came across some onesies for a little boy that I thought were just adorable! In the past I have always scoffed at boys clothing and declared it “un-cute” but since we both long for a boy, I am seeing things in a different light this time. I typically am not one to buy things before I know the sex of the child much less even being pregnant! However, today I decided to splurge. Maybe if He sees me buying things for my “son” God will take the hint!

My husband says that I research too much, but I like to be well informed. I am already taking an inventory of the things we will need. I intend to chart my fertility and my Basal Body Temperature a few months prior to actively “trying” to get pregnant so that we are better informed about when we got pregnant. To this end, I will be stocking up on ovulation predictor tests and pregnancy tests. I am going to buy in bulk through Ebay so that it doesn’t cost a fortune. Ovulation predictors were fairly new when we were TTC our first child, and we spent over fifty dollars for a two-week supply! Talk about a good way to go broke quick!

I am also looking at the baby gear we will need—a new stroller, for example, because we sold our old one when we bought our double. I find it all exciting and fun, but my husband thinks that all the “worrying” over items we will need zaps the fun out of it. I just like to be prepared, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. After all, a baby is a life changing event, whether it’s your first or your third, although I will concede that you’re definitely more prepared for your third!

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