Posted 04-11-2013 at 11:20 AM by whitneywalters

My three year old daughter has the disgusting habit of picking her nose. I swear to you that she has done this ever since she was a baby. Once she figured out that her finger would fit in her nose and there was stuff in it, she has been picking it. That is not even the worst part, she also eats it. Nothing grosses me out more then my child eating her snot. It seriously makes me gag. My older two did not do this very much, yes they did it a few times but they would much rather use a tissue and learned at an early age how to do so.

It was a fruitless effort to try to get her to stop when she was younger but now that she will be four in a few months I would really like to get her to kick this icky habit. I have just been telling her every time I catch her to stop picking her nose, that is is gross for her to do that and then I have her wash her hands. I was hoping that doing this every time would make her see that it was icky and  that it would sink in eventually to make her stop doing it. Well, I think I was wrong.

Late one evening she was sitting on the couch with me, watching cartoons while I was blogging and doing some other things online, I glanced over and she had her finger shoved up her nose. I said, ” Kairi, stop picking your nose and eating it, that is gross! She looked right at me, did it again and then loudly exclaimed, “Yummy gross!! I do not think the lesson I was trying so hard to get across has been hitting home with her at all. I also think this is a habit that is going to take a lot of work to break.

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