Growing Too Fast, As Shown By The Stash

Posted 10-4-2013 at 02:25 PM by yoliyoda

It’s like it was almost yesterday, seeing the doctor hold my little baby up for me to see him. “It’s a healthy baby boy.”

Amazing. Such small fingers and toes. He was swimming in every outfit and diaper I put on him. Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes. I thought he’d never grow.

Here we are, not even three months later and he has grown out of his tiny gDiapers, and his Lil Joeys have about an ounce more to go before they become history. I couldn’t believe it when I recently tried to fasten his newborn diapers and the two ends of the velcro just wouldn’t meet.

It’s funny. It feels like I spent hours and hours hand selecting the cutest, most efficient diapers to make up my son’s newborn stash. Ok, I did spent hours and hours picking them out. I think, deducting the time he was in disposables, he probably only used the stash for all of 9 weeks. Seems like such a short time. Soon he won’t even able to have his One Size Flips snapped to the smallest setting. And while I can’t wait for him to start wearing all of his One Size covers and All-In-Ones that I’ve been hand picking here and there, I think I’m going to cry when he completely outgrows all of his Lil Joeys and newborn covers.

Kids grow too fast. And it seems like in cloth diapers it’s easier to notice. You get so used to using the same diaper over and over again, it like a part of their wardrobe. When they go from having the diapers being too big to not being able to fasten them it’s too apparent not to have a tiny string pull at your heart. It’s just another way that illustrates that each day with a little one is precious, because they’ll never be that small again.

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