Growing Up

Posted 06-18-2012 at 10:57 AM by Krista

Over the weekend my husband and I decided to take our girls to the zoo while the weather was still bearable. I am the kind of mom who buys some clothes with the intention that they will be worn for a certain purpose or time. For example, when I bought these matching elephant shirts for my daughters, I knew they’d wear them when we went to the zoo. I don’t do it for every article of clothing, of course, so the few I select for certain purposes I get very excited about.

My daughters—particularly my three-year-old— were very excited about going to the zoo and seeing the animals. She was less excited about the outfit I’d selected, however. She didn’t want to wear the elephant shirt she wanted to wear a dress. And a fancy dress at that! Initially, I was disappointed that the matching outfits I’d envisioned for this day was ruined, but I began to see the upside. Even as she and I disagreed about what she’d wear—no, she couldn’t wear her Easter dress. Or her tea party dress—I was amused at her asserting herself about her clothing, because she never has before.

In short, my little girl is growing up. My husband and I tried to hide our amused smiles as I bargained with her over the dress she could wear. We finally found one that we agreed on, though it was significantly less capable of twirling than she would have liked.

This is the stuff that I dreamed of when I longed for children. True, the cute matching outfits I bought will now be used for a different purpose, but my daughter is growing up, starting to know her own mind, and asserting her desires. She is coming into her own, and I am so blessed to be her mother, and to be able to watch her become this wonderful little girl.

As an added bonus, I am sure I will get to tease her about the twirling later on in life!

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