Guess I will not be going there!

Posted 07-29-2011 at 11:20 AM by blairmarie333

I recently heard about a local restaurant that does not allow children. I was shocked. I haven’t heard of this before and almost didn’t believe it. I did some quick research and I stumbled on a website dedicated to be, “happily childfree.” I of course did not like this website from the start. I am a little upset that someone actually took the time to create a website dedicated to being “happily childfree.” To who ever created this: You don’t know what you are missing!

Anyway, I started reading some of the content. It lists several restaurants that claim to be “kid free.” One restaurant, that will remain nameless, says right on their website, “Serving dinner nightly. Please note that we do not accommodate children under 6.” I found another that said, “Please make sure your children behave or you will be asked to leave.” I would love to see this happen!

I guess I can understand that some people don’t want to listen to screaming children, but I feel this is the chance you take when going out to eat in public. Apparently, the patrons of these restaurants don’t care about losing business. Even if I was going out with just my husband, I would not be visiting any of these restaurants.

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