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Posted 11-14-2012 at 12:13 PM by whitneywalters

Christmas is well on the way and I have already started my shopping. We have a pretty large list this year and some of the people on the list can be a little hard to shop for. This is the reason why I have decided to expand the amount of home made items I make this year.  We buy for our grandmothers and they always seem to have everything they could need. So this year instead of getting them something they do not really need, we are making them a gift basket full of handmade goodies.

Each year we tend to get Chris’ grandma a store bought gift basket of edibles of some kind, I always thought we needed to do something different for her, something with more thought. This year I am going to make my own hot chocolate mix, add in some stirring spoons and add some homemade Christmas cookies. I plan on putting the hot chocolate in decorated mason jars and then putting it all in a nice gift bag or basket.

I am making my grandma a different style gift basket . She is not a big hot chocolate drinker but she does love cookies and coffee. I will probably do a mug basket. I will get her a nice coffee mug, get some gourmet coffee samples and then make a big tin of assorted cookies. I will tie it together with a big Christmas ribbon.

My mother in law is another one I plan on making some things for. She is actually pretty easy to shop for but we seem to get her the same things year after year. We usually  get her garden decorations, books or a collectors doll. This year I am going to make her a bird seed wreath and we will probably get a couple other small items.

There are several other people on the list that I plan to make things for. I want to make some bath and body baskets for a few of the ladies on the list. I want to try making some body scrubs,  bath fizzes and maybe knit some nice cotton wash clothes. There will be a lot of baking done since we give a lot of goodies away to friends and neighbors.

I also want to make a few things for my kids and our six month old nephew, like memory boards for my kids rooms, some cute flower embellished soft soled shoes for my youngest, some room decorations for my nephew, new hair bows for my girls and most likely several other items.

I plan on getting the kids in on the homemade fun as well. We are making ornaments for their grandparents, felt trees for decorations here at home and of course they will get in on the cookie making.  I will probably start early on a lot of the crafting because I do not want to stretch myself to thin. I am pretty excited about giving all this stuff to people and seeing their reactions!

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