Having a Baby After PID

Posted 02-1-2013 at 11:56 AM by Krista

I had a miscarriage back in December and a few months later was diagnosed with PID, or Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder, which is basically an infection that can damage all of the reproductive parts. I got it as a result of the bacteria of my miscarriage. I did my research, took my medication, and assumed that that was the end of it. I have had another flare up, more medication, and then another miscarriage just a few days ago.

I really want another baby, so I got to thinking: could PID be to blame? The short answer is yes. The disorder can lead to multiple miscarriages, and even ultimately to infertility. This is very scary to me. Yes, I am blessed to already have two children. It seems selfish to want more, but I do. I would love to have just one more baby. It just drives me crazy that not going to the doctor after my first miscarriage led to PID, and I am paying big time for that mistake. I hate that I am making my family suffer too because of my foolishness.

I did not make the same mistake. I called today and went in to my doctor for an ultrasound. He said that I could not have been very far along, and has ordered a barrage of tests. I will go back Thursday, and I’m hoping he’ll have some answers for me.

The interesting thing about PID is that though it is most commonly associated with an STD it can happen to anyone who is sexually active, and is more common to people who have had a baby, an abortion, or a miscarriage. Yes, there is a risk that because of having had this I will never had a child. That I will continue having miscarriages in my attempt to have one. I am hopeful that my doctor can offer some advice on how to proceed from

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