Healthy Eating Starts at Home

Posted 03-22-2012 at 10:00 AM by whitneywalters

Healthy eating has become a bit of a battle lately in my house. My oldest goes in stages of his picky eating, just when I think he is going to start being better, he will suddenly decide there is a new food he does not like. Recently he stopped wanting to eat corn or potatoes.

I want to make sure that my kids are eating a proper, healthy and balanced diet. This is a lot easier said than done. Not only am I dealing with my son being picky, my oldest daughter not wanting to eat most meats but I also am married to the pickiest eater on the face of the planet. You may remember me saying this in previous posts but my husband was allowed to get away with not eating healthy foods. His mom and dad let him eat whatever he wanted and usually that meant frozen pizza and fast food. He rarely ate fruits or veggies. These unhealthy habits followed him into his adult life and only here in the last few year is he actually trying to change his habits.

I was raised very differently. My parents believed in a healthy diet, you ate what was made and my parents cooked very balanced meals. If you said you did not like something, my parents made us try it at least three different times before we could say we actually did not like something. I grew up with healthier eating habits, I like almost all foods, I love fruits and veggies.

Alex has noticed that daddy does not like certain foods and he wants to mimic daddy. My husband and I had a long talk awhile ago but the fact that Alex is watching him and if we want him to eat well and devolve good eating habits that Chris has to start eating healthier in front of him. Kids learn what they see and I want our kids to see a healthy diet. My husband took this to heart and he is trying to show the kids that he is also eating better. He is taking little steps, like cutting way down on soda, drinking more water and eating an apple every day at lunch time. I am hoping over time that Alex will see that daddy is trying and that this will rub off on him to be more open to new foods.

It is my goal to make sure I teach my kids the importance of healthy eating. I want to get these lessons drilled into their heads at a young age so it sticks with them when they are older.

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