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Posted 07-27-2011 at 12:59 PM by HollyRay

Let me preface this by saying, I am by no means in fabulous shape. A couple rounds of medication and a food allergy had me at 208 pounds when I got pregnant with my first daughter. I worked out all the time – I was a dance teacher, and a Zumba instructor, teaching a total of about 28 hours a week, and still I gained 50 pounds and looked like a hippo. I didn’t loose much of the baby weight and started my second pregnancy at 238, I discovered my allergy problem during that pregnancy and gained about 10 lbs over the 9 month period. I left the hospital at 255 thanks to a dozen bags of fluid over a 24 hour period, my doctor didn’t seem all that concerned that I was walking out with an 8 pound baby and an additional 8 lbs of body weight, but I was freaking out. How was I going to loose all this weight?

Without the medication and food allergies in my way I headed on my path to a brand new body. I started teaching Zumba 3-5 times a week, I went to the gym, and I ate everything that was healthy and tasted fabulous. About 10 months after my second daughter was born I was under 200, and a mere 30 pounds away from my healthy fit weight of 165 (the weight I have always looked best at) then a BFP changed my happy attitude. Don’t get me wrong I knew I was going to get pregnant at some point, and I am over the moon to be adding to the family, but I did mourn the loss of my “slowly changing, back to my hot self” body.

Now well into my third pregnancy I have discovered the beauty of this changing body. My previous pregnancies I really didn’t change my routine, I just worked out like any other non-pregnant woman in an effort to keep my pre-baby body, but this pregnancy I was determined to make a change so I ordered two prenatal workouts: one a pilates and the other a yoga/pilates/dance type fusion. I had continued to teach Zumba 3 times a week, but in June I took a two week break from teaching, about same time I received my prenatal workouts in the mail. Those two weeks were interesting for me, I did my Zumba alone and added pilates in the morning and the fusion workout at night, I liked both workouts because they were simple and focused on things that were sometimes overlooked during my cardio or weight training. The two weeks must have paid off because when I went to go pick up my friend for Zumba she was shocked to see my belly so much bigger but everything else so much smaller. Zumba class was a breeze that day, muscles that had been straining before the two week break were now working properly to keep my new baby body feeling good, all thanks to my prenatal workouts. I’m starting week five of Zumba and prenatal workouts and I can’t believe how much different I feel as compared to my previous pregnancies, and I must admit the fact that it
looks like my rear got a major face lift is pretty awesome too. My curious self is already looking ahead to labor in wonder of how a prenatal workout approach to pregnancy will differ from my “no way am I doing prenatal workout” approach that I have had before.

Needless to say after only a few weeks I am a prenatal workout convert, I love them, I want more of them, and it only took me three pregnancies to figure out how great they are!

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