Helping Your Child Feel Happy on Sick Days

Posted 03-28-2012 at 11:34 AM by whitneywalters

Now that my kids are getting older and starting to go more places I swear we are picking up every single sickness that has gone around this winter. Cold and flu season has been hard on our family this winter. Just since the beginning of this year along we have had colds, strep, bronchitis and a stomach bug go through the house and once one child is sick, it spread like wild fire.

No mom wants to watch her child suffer while sick and I know that I will do just about anything to make my child happy when I know they don’t feel good. Here is a list of things I do to make my little ones happy while they are under the weather.

1. Get comfy.
– Whenever my kids are sick they like to camp out on the couch and watch tv. I let them pick out their favorite show, snuggle them in with a pillow and blanket and just let them lounge.

2. Make food and drink fun.
– The last bout of sickness that ran through the house was strep. They felt awful and did not want to eat or drink anything. I was so scared that they were going to dehydrate so I was doing anything I could to make them eat. I bought them fun Popsicles that were shaped liked crayons, got a pack of crazy straws and offered to make them anything they wanted to eat. I did get them to drink enough to stay hydrated and they even ate a little chicken noodle soup and some grapes.

3. Reward them.
– Very few kids I know are overly willing to take their medicine and most kids are not very happy to go see the doctor. When I had to take my daughter in for a step test you would have thought the nurses were torturing her.  She cried, shut her mouth down and was not willing at all to let them do the test. After about ten minuets of fighting we finally got the test done and as a reward they brought her a sticker and plastic ring. At home I always offer a treat, such as gummies or a popsicle after they take their medicine.

4. Read to them.
– While my oldest was getting over his bout of strep my husband and I took turns reading book after book. He was really happy to sit and snuggle on our laps and listen to his favorite stories over and over again.

5. Be lazy with them.
– They did not want to get dressed, so I did not either. We all stayed in our jammies for a day, watched some movies on Netflix and just had a lazy day. They rested and did not feel like they were missing out on anything.

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