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Holidays have such a new meaning for me now. I get to celebrate for Austin! He wasn’t even a month old on Christmas but we, I mean Santa, still got him a couple things. He got a little basketball goal thingy (he’ll be ready for it soon!) And a matchbox car, some books, and wrist rattles.

On New Years Eve at midnight Christopher was asleep. We don’t have cable so I counted down to 2010 with my Twitter friends. I was nursing Austin & once he finally finished (those were the days of the hour long nursing sessions…) I gave him a big big kiss.

For Valentine’s Day I got him a “Mommy’s Valentine” onesie and asked him to Be Mine!

On St. Patrick’s Day I made SURE he was wearing green so no one would get punched out. Punched out you ask? Yeah, pinch my baby and see what happens… ;)

For Easter I, I mean the Easter bunny, has gotten him a HUGE basket for the years to come. I, I mean he, got Austin some eggs to hide. I am 25 years old and hiding and finding easter eggs is PROBABLY my absolute favorite thing in the entire world. My mom said I used to make her hide them over and over and over. I make Christopher do it too! And NOW I have Austin!!! I hope he loves it as much as I do! We can hide and hunt all day! He even has an “Easter Egg Hunting Champion” shirt. I wish I had one… Anyways.

The Easter bunny also got Austin a book on the meaning of Easter. As his first Easter, I wanted to make sure he understood what was really happening. He may not understand, but I want to start off on the right foot that this holiday (and Christmas) isn’t all about eggs and bunnies. It’s about Jesus dying for our sins so we can go to Heaven. That’s a way better present than candy, eggs, and basketball goals.

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  1. whitneywalters on April 6th, 2010 5:55 pm

    Great post mama!

  2. Holiday Info on April 29th, 2010 9:43 am

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