Hooking the Dads on Cloth

Posted 03-2-2011 at 09:53 AM by brewanothercup

Like a lot of families, we didn’t start cloth diapering right away. We had our supply, but I couldn’t walk up/down stairs or do laundry for a few weeks, so we used regular diapers for the first 4 weeks or so.  And then I was ready to try, but my husband was hesitant – disposibles were so quick! There was no cleaning! Why would we want to wash our own?

We had a few blow outs with disposibles and we jumped into cloth for the daytime only. We had a few blow outs there too, but we hung in there. I bought a lot of one-sized snapping diapers, but my husband decided he liked velcro so the next few I bought were velcro. He didn’t like pockets, so I stuffed them and had them ready for him. He liked snap in inserts, so I bought more grovias.  And then, before I knew it, he was a huge cloth diapering fanatic.

Now, my husband is a cloth diapering supporter. He taught my mother how to use our fitted diapers. He talks to his colleagues about how they should cloth diaper because it’s cheaper/easier/healthier. I smile, feeling like I’m the one who converted him.  Here are some tips to get your baby daddy on board with cloth:

1.) Make it easy. At first, anyway. Stuff the pockets, use the easy prefold folding techniques.  If he prefers velcro, stick with those for a bit.

2.) Transition slowly. My husband did great when he had the option of using either disposibles OR cloth – it wasn’t long before cloth was easier for him, and then we just cut out the ‘sposies.

3.) Make cheat sheets. I put stickies everywhere for DH (and my MIL, and me!) that say how to wash, how to fold, etc.  This way he can throw the laundry on another rinse cycle if he’s down there.  He even corrects ME now if I mess up the order!

4.) Have patience. A lot of people aren’t sold on cloth overnight, as I’m sure we all know. But it’s possible!

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  1. Maggie on March 2nd, 2011 1:27 pm

    Thank you for this article! I’m pregnant with my first and am having a hard time convincing my husband about cloth diapering, so this was very helpful!

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