How Babywearing Has Saved Me

Posted 04-26-2011 at 03:31 PM by brewanothercup

It was about three or four weeks after my son was born that, in a moment of desperation, I remembered the Moby Wrap we’d bought before his birth.  My hair was wet from a laborous post c-section shower, and my husband was on the way out the door.  I felt a sense of panic surge in me at the prospect of another  day feeling fairly hopeless. Because of nerve trama during delivery, I couldn’t navigate the stairs very well yet alone, let alone with the baby, so I was facing a day of being cooped up in our master bedroom until the baby was sleeping.  Then, I’d hobble downstairs for a quick sandwich and hobble back up the stairs only to find myself exhausted. There was no way for me to carry the baby, too – it was too dangerous. I needed two solid hands on the rails to feel safe.

I didn’t want to spend another this day like this so I watched a quick youtube video on baby wrapping and managed to get my son wrapped on my first try.  Though it wasn’t my best example of a wrap job, I was so elated to finally have a way to carry him down the stairs.

After that first babywearing save, I decided to do a few nighttime babywearing sessions to get my newborn to sleep better. I was still sleeping in a chair so I decided to wrap the baby and help him snuggle to sleep.  By doing this I learned how to sooth him best and I learned so much more about how to identify his cues, particularly his nursing cues.

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