How to Deal with Cloth Diaper HATERS!

Posted 02-5-2014 at 01:59 PM by JayJaysMama


There always is that one family member, friend, or random stranger that makes a comment about you and your family’s decision to cloth diaper! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have heard,

“Good luck with that!”


“What about the poop?”


“That’s really gross!”

I really used to get discouraged about the things that people said in regards to my decision to cloth diaper my son until I realized that HATERS are going to HATE. There will be literally a million and two opinions on how you should raise your child. What they should eat, hear, watch, be exposed to, and at the end of the day as their parents it is our decision and ours alone!

So how do you deal with cloth diaper haters? Here are some witty and educational responses for the curious ones in our lives who feel the need to fight our fluff:

  • “It saves so much money!”

– According to the Real Diaper Association,  The average child will cost about $1,600 to diaper for two years in disposable diapers, or about $66 a month. There is no resale, you get no money back for all those diapers you disposed of. But even the most extravagant of stashes that mirror that amount can be resold (destashed) and money goes right back into the family!

  • “It’s better for our babies’ skin.”
  • “But look how cute that butt is!”
  • “It saves the earth.”

– According to the Real Diaper Association, over 92% of all single-use diapers end up in a landfill.

  • “I’m just crunchy take it, or leave it !”
  • **Give them, THE MOM STARE**

Aside from these options, just take a deep breath and realize that most of these comments that come from those around us, are from pure ignorance. Many are uneducated when it comes to what cloth diapering is and/or has become. When it comes to people like this, who just haven’t seen the fluffy light, lol, then we can smile and do our best to explain our decision and share cloth diapering with them. Educate those who are willing to listen and try not to take to heart their criticism of your parenting decision. For all those others, the ones who you share with that still care to HATE, all you can do is let them hate. Not everyone will comprehend the awesome world of fluff!


Until next time swappers!

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