How to Make Gifting Money More Meaningful

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We’ve all been there… It’s the day of someone’s birthday and you totally forgot to grab a gift for them. OR you’ve searched high and low for the perfect gift and you’ve come up empty-handed. You end up grabbing some cash out of your wallet and decide to stuff it in a card and call it good. But you don’t want it to look quite as last minute as it is… Here are a few ways that you can spruce up that cash and make it look like you put a bit more time into it.

Fold it into a fun origami shape: This is my go-to. I simply hand the bill to my husband and ask him to fold it into something creative. He loves origami, so it always ends up looking cute. My favorite is the origami frog design, but even something much simpler will work perfectly. Because of the rectangular shape some designs may be more complicated, but there are lots of tutorials out there to help you.

Skip the card: Well, don’t skip the card entirely. It’s still nice to write out your birthday wishes for that person, but instead of using the card to hold the money, look for something else instead! Perhaps a mason jar can be filled with colorful shredded paper and the bills can be hidden inside? Or maybe use a ribbon to roll up the bills and then tie them together? You can really do anything as long as it’s slightly out-of-the-box it will be so much more fun!

Use all ones: This is sure to make kids go nuts with excitement at seeing so many bills, and will be the perfect amount of annoying for adult recipients. (Just remind them that you could’ve gone with quarters instead!) Roll them all up and put them in a small box, or fan them all out and tape them to a piece of paper. Whatever you choose to do, it will be so much more unique when it’s done with 20 ones instead of 1 twenty.

Money is a favorite gift for lots of people. It gives the recipient a chance to treat themselves, and makes kids feel like they’ve just won a game of Jeopardy. However you choose to gift the money, the birthday person is sure to appreciate it very much!

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