I am going to be an auntie again!

Posted 04-3-2013 at 09:35 AM by whitneywalters

I currently have two nephews ( one from Chris’ brother and one from my sister ) and my sister just found out that she is pregnant with her second child. I am thrilled.

I grew up in a family with a lot of cousins and I always wanted that for my kids. Well, I married a man that only has one brother and he only has one child with no plans of more. They also live three hours away from us and we do not see them very often. That left my brother and sister to give my children lots of cousins. My brother may not ever have children and my sister struggled for two years to have her first. It was starting to look like my kids would only have two cousins.

About three months ago they started talking about wanting more. They both wanted to have more children but there was no way they could afford to do what they did to get Jonathan. They went in for AI three months in a row before they got pregnant with him. They knew if it did not happen naturally, then Jonathan would be an only child.

They were over at my house having pizza with us when my sister mentioned she was a day late. Of course I got all excited and we went out to the store and got a test right away. She took the test at my house and her husband looked at it for her ( my sister is blind ) and he only saw one line. We were all a tad disappointed but Kandie asked me to check the test for her before she threw it out, just to sure. I barely glanced at it and I saw the second line. It was light but it was there! I yelled for Tim to come back in, pointed at it but he was doubting my test telling abilities. I snapped a quick picture, posted it on DS for all you lovely ladies to see and when other people started saying BFP, it finally sunk in for him. Kandie was indeed pregnant.

The newest member of our family will be joining us sometime in early November and I am thrilled to meet my new niece or nephew.

This is my oldest two children spending time with Jonathan –


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