I Choose To Stay Home

Posted 08-21-2012 at 12:48 PM by whitneywalters

I have been a work out of the house mom and a stay at home mom in the six years I have been a mother. When I had my first son I worked full time but was lucky since I was able to bring him with me until he was six months. I worked at a coffee shop owned by my family. I am really glad I had a job that allowed him to come with me, on the days I did leave him with my husband I always missed him so much.

My parents sold our shop when my son was six months old and I started working part time at ourĀ  local US Cellular. At that timeĀ  I was also pregnant with my second child. I hated working there, I missed my little boy so much and I was miserable. When my little girl was born my husband and I made the choice to have me stop working. This would mean less money for us but we wanted me to be able to be with them. It was amazing. I was so happy to be with them all the time.

Fast forward four years and two more children I was still home, we were starting to do really well and then the unthinkable happened, Chris was laid off. After a lot of talking we decided it would be best for me to work part time while he looked for a new job. This was a really tough choice, this meant leaving my four week old baby. I did what I had to do but I was heart broken. It took seven months for him to find another job and the moment he did I quit my job. The kids were thrilled to have me home again.

Being a stay at home mom is what is right for us. This is not always easy. Money is tight right now, I do get overwhelmed but deep down we know this is what we need to do.

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