I love garage sales!

Posted 09-27-2012 at 12:12 PM by Heather8183

This morning we went out as a family looking for yard sales.  DH doesn’t usually get too into that type of thing but today he was all for it.  Come to find out, he was avoiding the other option for today’s plans – rearranging furniture.  Eh, either way it’s a win/win for me!

A town near us was having their semi-annual community wide sale, and there were lots of houses participating.  It was so nice to have DH along.  Not only did we get to spend a lot of time just talking about different stuff, but he was able to stay in the car with the kids for most of the houses so we didn’t have to get them in and out of their car seats over and over again.

One thing I don’t understand is why some people think their garbage is worth more than the item was new!  For example, a baby swing I saw today.  Granted, it was a nice one; I think the Fisher Price rainforest theme.  Anyways, it smelled like smoke, and they wanted $50 for it!  It’s going for $20-25 on eBay right now.  They also had the bouncer and wanted $40 for it.  The same house was selling children’s books for $2 and $3 each.  Maybe I’m just cheap but I wasn’t surprised to see all that just sitting there.

My awesome score for the day was a Pampered Chef cupcake/muffin stone for $5!  It was marked $7 and DH asked if they would take $5, and they were more than happy to.  Made my day!  K got a baby doll with a high chair for $3, which was a great deal too.  She was so excited to come home and feed her baby!

Really, what I need to be doing is getting RID of stuff instead of bringing more into the house.  However, I did get a few cool things at a good price, and we had a lot of fun driving around as a family today, and that’s what really matters.

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