I Need A Diaperbag Check!

Posted 11-7-2013 at 06:06 AM by yoliyoda

Lets be honest, there is a downside to almost everything, including cloth diapers. I’ve learned that the hard way by making the same, irritating, mistake twice. In recent days I have taken my son out for an extended period of time to only find that I did not have enough cloth diapers. In fact, one time I didn’t even have enough wipes. Yes, I am a new mom and he is only a few weeks old, however: fool me once, shame on you–fool me twice and I’m a fool.

Even though I thought that had his pattern figured out (more stool in the evening, and urine throughout the day) he showed me. So just what do you do when you have hours left before you’re supposed to go home, you’re miles away, and your son just plastered his last cloth insert? Well, begrudgingly, twice I’ve done the same thing–go to the store. The first time we were fortunately near a Babies R Us and could get some disposable inserts for his gDiapers, along with some wipes (because he blew through those too). Most recently we were not so fortunate. We ended up buying *shutters* Luvs. Now I have more disposables clogging up space in our tiny home, not to mention that was my lunch money I used to buy them!

How infuriating! No matter how much time and money you spend organizing a system of diapering for your child, it just won’t work if you don’t have them with you! I know that many moms seek suggestions on how to continue to cloth diaper when they are going on vacation, or spending a night away from home with their baby. I already did that, and ran out of wipes. I didn’t think it would ever be a problem when we were just going out to spend the day.

So using my superpower of organization I made a checklist of things to make sure are in my diaper bag everyday before we leave. With a little tweaking, maybe it can work for you also!

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