I Stopped Using Coupons

Posted 01-22-2012 at 10:00 AM by whitneywalters

Being a mom of four you can imagine we go through a lot of groceries and with my husband currently being laid off we have been on a pretty strict grocery budget. I have tried couponing off and on and always got frustrated with it and gave up. I never seemed to be able to find coupons for items I needed, it always seemed to be processed food or white pastas. I do almost all my cooking from scratch and use veggie or wheat. It was just way too time consuming and on average it did not save me more then the cost of buying the Sunday paper. I am done with coupons.

That being said, I still have been able to maintain a budget and save on my grocery bill. Here are a few ways I save:

1. Instead of couponing I shop from the sales flyer each week and the grocery store. This week I am buying a little more meat then normal because our local store is having a good sale on a few items. I will even go to both hyvee and fareway in order to shop both the stores sales. The sales ads come in the free paper that is delivered to my house each week.

2. I always make a list and stick to it. It saves me money because it stops impulse buys.

3. I meal plan. Each week I go though and try to make as many meals as I can from items I already have in the house.

4. I use my left overs. I will get at least two meals out of a whole chicken or a roast. We eat leftover for lunch and sometimes for another dinner later in the week.

5. We have meatless meals. At least once a week we will have a meatless meal. Normally it is breakfast for dinner. ( Eggs, toast and fruit for example )



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