I Survived My First Cake!

Posted 09-26-2011 at 10:29 AM by blairmarie333

I had purple icing in my hair and all over my kitchen. I spent 4 hours making a cake and it turned out pretty good. Not perfect, but pretty good.

My little brothers like color so I decided to do a rainbow cake (as so many DS mamas love) and I used two cake mixes and lots of coloring. I made 6 different colors and layered the cake with 3 colors per cake. I baked the cakes on Friday night and left them until Saturday to be iced.

I got both the girls down for a nap around 1pm and went to work. I first stacked my 2 rainbow cakes. I realized that the rainbow was not going to work well since you have to cut the tops off cakes to make them even for stacking. I didn’t want to waste all my hard work the day before so I just left them (lesson 1.) The caked ended up a little lopsided, but lesson learned.

I got out my buttercreme recipe and started mixing. I had icing and cake flying everywhere. I went with dark purple as my main color (their favorite) which was a big mistake. Apparently you can’t get the cake smooth without the color bleeding a little (lesson 2.)

I did a clown theme and made each clown doing something different to represent each of my brothers. This part was pretty uneventful.

Clean up was a disaster since I used lots of colors and had icing bowls/bags/tips everywhere. I had to hurry up because I needed to get dinner going or my family was going to starve. I was rushing and cleaning and turned on the garbage disposal to get the sink clean and heard a not-so-nice noise. I had run 6 of my brand new Wilton tips through the disposal. I pulled them out and they were all completely mangled and now useless (lesson 3.)

Here are a few pictures of my not so great cake, but at least I learned from my experience.

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