Imagining Myself Pregnant

Posted 10-9-2012 at 10:09 AM by Krista

Is it just me, or when you want to be pregnant do you suddenly find yourself experiencing pregnancy symptoms? This is something I went through quite a bit when trying to conceive my first daughter, to the point that friends and family alike began to say, “You always think you’re pregnant!”

Well, here I am, doing it again. I know that my husband and I already have our hands full with our two toddlers, or, as my sister put it: “Yeah, that is exactly what you need. Another baby.” To the outside world, I’m sure that would be the response. But I know my family like no one else, and I know it’s not quite finished yet. Yes, we should probably wait. Finances are tight, and my husband and I are working on our relationship after a very rocky period. However, I tend to believe that if you wait for the “right” time, you will never have a baby.

That said, this past month is the first month we’ve really tried, even though I have been off birth control for about five months now. It has been frustrating, wanting a baby so badly and not getting pregnant, but that has been the state of things month after month.

I have to say that things between me and my husband are going great. So great, that we have been more sexually active than even in our first few months of marriage! That being said, I have felt confident that this had to be the month. If I was going to get pregnant, this would be it, right? While I have neither confirmed or denied that secret hope (my period isn’t due for a few days yet) I notice myself just feeling pregnant. However, since I have done that before, I am hesitant to jump up and down for joy just yet. All of my “symptoms” could have other explanations too.

Persistent hunger This could possibly be because we just got back from Disney, where there is food everywhere, and I ate constantly…also due to persistent hunger.

Fatigue We just got back from Disney! Five days with two toddlers =madness!!

Headaches I have never had headaches as a pregnancy symptom before, but lately I have one every single day. Pollen season, maybe?

Dizziness/light headed Lack of water, maybe? Generally I don’t get that except when pregnant but…

Backache Again, Disney must be mentioned here. I mean, I was having it before Disney but hey! I’m getting old!

Urine Smell Change But the urine smell changing is usually due to prenatals, right? And I haven’t started taking them yet.

Breast changes I have noticed my nipples seem darker. My husband disagrees, and let’s be frank, if anyone would know it’s him. I only check out my breasts when I think I’m pregnant!! Also, though, the nipples have been getting hard a lot and I notice little dots on the surface? I seem to remember this during pregnancy but…could it just be the cold?

Again, all of my possible symptoms have an explanation. Maybe I am throwing my body out of whack just by wishing too hard! Do any of you do this?

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4 Responses to “Imagining Myself Pregnant”

  1. chandni3 on October 9th, 2012 10:51 am

    With both my pregnancies my symptoms before I even got a positive were no longer craving chocolate, craving Indian food, tired, funny smelling urine, increase in cervical mucus. I got a positive 11 days post ovulation. The not craving chocolate was a big one even with the pregnancy I miscarried. I have a bad sweet tooth so to turn down chocolate is a big thing. My husband got me a chocolate cake for my birthday last month and I didn’t really want any. It made me wonder and sure enough, I was pregnant. Here’s hoping you get a BFP!

  2. tentrevival on October 9th, 2012 3:11 pm

    I have done this several times, however I find it’s one of those things that however many times I think “I might be pregnant” when I actually am I just know — there’s no question, the test is just a formality.

  3. Pixi6s on October 11th, 2012 10:58 am

    Since I had my UID removed, even before we were trying to get pregnant, I noticed my breasts ached all the time after ovulation… Even when we were still using limited protection! I also feel like I am peeing a ton more than usual… Even though my period just ended! So I have it just a bad, even when in my head I know there is little chance I am pregnant, I still notice all the “pregnancy symptoms”. I assume its just on the brain and I’m gearing up for it!

  4. amb2j on October 12th, 2012 10:02 am

    “I have done this several times, however I find it’s one of those things that however many times I think “I might be pregnant” when I actually am I just know — there’s no question, the test is just a formality.”

    This exactly!! My sister jokingly says “you are the most pregnant ‘not pregnant’ person I know!” I seem to either have, or think myself into all of the symptoms when I want to be pregnant, but when Im pregnant, I just intuitively KNOW!

    Hoping your test comes back positive :-)!!

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