Indoor activities to keep the cold away

Posted 03-4-2013 at 11:18 AM by whitneywalters

Having a daughter that is allergic to being cold while living in Iowa can be difficult during the winter months. She has been able to go outside a couple of 00times on a few of our warmer cold days but overall we have to keep her inside because it has been so cold. If the weather is below 30 degrees, we do not let her out at all. This also has been limiting the time that the older kids get to spend outside also, I do not let them outside alone, they are to young. My husband has been working overtime so by the time he gets home and we have dinner, it is dark. One of us does take the older two outside more on the weekends but during the week we have to find indoor entertainment for us all.

This is a list of top five activities that we have been doing for some extra entertainment around here.

1. Indoor play place.
Locally we have Dairy Queen that has an indoor play area in it. We do spend time there but whenever I can I drive the 45 minutes to Des Moines so we can play at the mall play areas. There is more for Amelia and Kairi at the mall than DQ. They are too small to climb on the top level at DQ while they can do everything in the play area.

2. Science center.
My kids love the science center. This is another thing we have to drive to Des Moines for but it is well worth it. We buy a yearly membership to it and the zoo since we visit those places often. The science center is a great way to spend an afternoon. There is a play area for youngsters, a big exhibit that changes every couple of months (right now they have a T- rex skeleton ), a learn through play area, an area with some local animals ( like snakes, turtles, frogs and more ) and a outer space area. My kids always have a blast when we go.

3. Go to the library.
Our local library has a small area for playing and putting on puppet shows. We will go down and play for awhile before checking out some books.

4. Craft day or baking day.
For some extra fun while just staying at home we will have an all day craft or baking day. We will make some art projects or bake a bunch of goodies together. My kids always love this.

5. Pizza night followed with a movie.
My husband and kids all love pizza. They like making their own pizzas even more. We will have a pizza night were I just put out all theĀ ingredientsĀ and let people build their own. Kids love it and they have so much fun doing it. After we eat we will pick out a movie to watch together. We generally pop some popcorn or make some other kind of snack to share while we watch.

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