Is Breastfeeding Boring?

Posted 09-11-2013 at 09:24 AM by angelaw

While during the first few days nursing your new little one you may have been content just adoring and caressing him (or her) while they ate. After a while, things may get a little, well… boring. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having an excuse to sit down and do nothing (other than feed my precious little bundle of joy) for a moment here and there. I also find myself occasionally nursing while doing other things around the house or out and about. However, the majority of the time, feedings take place sitting on the couch or in a chair. And I don’t want to be sitting there with nothing to do, especially if my little one is “sleep-eating”.  I have found a few things to do to occupy my time while my baby is having a meal (or a snack).

Watching the TV is an easy one. While I don’t have the ability to TIVO shows with my cable package, I do have on-demand where I can start and stop my favorites shows (and sometimes free movies) whenever I’m sitting down to nurse. I have also subscribed to Netflix and raided the local library’s collection of movies as well. (Complete series seasons on DVD were great during the first weeks when ‘cluster feeding’ was in full force.)

I also find myself at the computer desk with the boppy in my lap and two free hands to type and catch up with my friends on Facebook. This took a little practice at first, but after a few tries, I was a master at hands-free nursing at the computer.

You could also catch up on your reading. I love magazines while nursing. The short articles make it easy to pick up and flip open to a page and just start reading. You can also just scan through the pictures and advertisements. I am not much of a book reader, but now that I’m back to school, that will have to change.

One thing that I wish I did more during nursing sessions is nap. I relish in the times I am able to bring baby up to bed and take a nap while nursing but have been known to fall asleep while feeding on the couch as well. I get so relaxed after let-down that I do often doze off even while doing any one of the above activities.

What are some things you do while nursing?




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