It was an accident

Posted 06-21-2012 at 10:28 AM by whitneywalters

I am a stay at home mom of four rowdy kids ages six and under. My older two are six and four and they seem to be on an accident prone streak here lately. If they are not accidentally hurting themselves, they are accidentally hurting each other. Usually they will be upstairs playing and I will hear a loud thump, followed by one of them running down the stairs to tell me what they did to hurt themselves. Jumping off the bed onto a beanbag was one recent accident and another was leap frog gone wrong.

When they are playing with their two year old sister it is even worse. Just a week or so ago they were playing outside and for reasons I still do not understand they decided they needed to grab Kairi by the hands and see how fast they could make her run. It happened so fast and before I had a chance to stop them they had pulled her down knees first on the side walk. Kairi was screaming. Her knees were badly scraped, she had a scuff on both legs and both big toes were bleeding. I was angry with them but kept my cool.I made everyone go inside, cleaned up, bandaged and comforted my screaming daughter and then sat down for a long discussion with the kids.

We talked about why we can not play rough with Kairi, why what they did was wrong and then I had them sit down and think about what they did for awhile. After a while they came to me and said they were sorry they hurt her and that it was an accident. I told them they knew better and that even though it was an accident they had hurt their little sister and they needed to find a way to make her feel better, they needed to find something nice they could do for Kairi. We talked it over and they decided they would help her clean her room and Destiny gave her a little pink bunny she had gotten a while ago.

I know what they did was an accident and they were not actually trying to hurt Kairi. I just want to make sure they understand that they can not do things like that ever again. Hopefully they get our of this adventurous and accident prone stage quickly and without many scars.

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  1. ciaobellababy on June 21st, 2012 2:52 pm

    You’re a good mom for keeping your cool. I like that you taught them instead of just getting mad and not solving the real problem at hand. I hope I can be like that when my kids make mistakes (and they do every day!!)

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