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Posted 03-8-2013 at 03:17 PM by whitneywalters

We had been having an ongoing battle with our two oldest kids. They had been refusing to keep their rooms cleaned. Chris and I had tried everything we could think of to motivate them. We tried a reward system, it worked for a short time and then they did not seem to care anymore. We tried taking toys away and it did not seem to phase them, we tried groundings and so many other things.

Finally one weekend we got sick of it and just did it ourselves. We went through their rooms top to bottom and cleaned. Anything that was broken was thrown out, toys they no longer played with were donated, everything was organized. It took us several hours, several bags of trash and several bags to donate but we got it done and it looked great.

Then we sat the kids down and had a very serious talk with them. We showed them all the work we did, showed them that every toy had a place and then we told them what was expected of them and what would happen if they did not meet those expectations.

They were told that they had to keep their rooms cleaned, each day before bed they were to have all their toys put back in place. We also told them the easiest way to do this was to clean up whatever they had been playing with before getting out something new. If they fail to do this they will have no television or video game privileges until it is done. We also told them that if something gets broken because they are not taking proper care of it, we will not replace it. They were also told that when they had friends over to play that they needed to make sure they had their friend help clean up before they leave.

It has been several weeks since we did this and they have actually been doing a really good job. There has been a couple times that it took a day or two of no television or games for them to get motivated but I have to say I am pretty proud of them.

I think that having Chris and I get the rooms done, getting rid of stuff and organizing has helped them a lot.

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