Kids will be kids

Posted 09-13-2012 at 10:54 AM by whitneywalters

My two oldest kids love to dress up in costumes. We have a really big collection of them stashed in a trunk upstairs and they wear them all the time. Normally when we are getting ready to go somewhere they will willingly change but there are occasions that I end up taking spider man and a princess to the store with me. Really it does not bother me much but I have gotten some looks and over heard comments regarding them being in costume.

The most recent incident happened at a local grocery store. That day my five year old daughter was wearing a 60’s inspired Halloween costume, she loved all the colors on it and begged me to wear it to the store. I really did not see the harm so I let her. We happily went about our shopping and when we were ready to check out I overheard the women in front of us whisper to the person she was with that apparently Halloween came early and then they both rolled there eyes. I was just about ready to say something when the cashier actually spoke up. She just looked at my daughter and said, ” Kids will be kids, at least she has a fun mom that lets her dress up silly”. I just smiled at the ladies as they were leaving and then thanked the cashier. She went on to tell me that she did not see why anyone cared what my kid was wearing and that she thought she was adorable in her little hippy outfit.

She is right though, kids will be kids and there is no reason why I should not let her be a kid. It does not matter if she wants to run around dressed as a princess, a hippy or any other costume she might want to wear that day. She is having fun and that is what matters. While those ladies did get under my skin a bit, I am just going to remind myself that kids will be kids and at least I am a fun mom.

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