Lacking Respect?

Posted 07-22-2013 at 12:52 PM by whitneywalters

My three year old daughter had a dentist appointment, Chris took her and I stayed with the other three kids. We used this time to go to one of the bigger parks in town. We do not go to that park because it is big and I can not keep track of Kairi and Amelia at the same time. Since I would only have to follow Amelia ( Alex and Destiny know to stay where I can see them ), I knew I could handle the big park this time.

This park was built when I was young, the whole community chipped in and spent a long time building it. It was an extremely nice place to play when I was young. There was always the occasionally “writing” on the wood but it was always taken care of quickly once reported.

Now there is a lot of “writing” and it is not something you would want a child that can read to see. Alex is learning to read and I am lucky he did not notice any of it this time. Sadly, I do not plan on going back to that park. We will be sticking with the one we usually go to or going to one ┬áin another town. ( There are two nice parks in towns close to us, one in the town close to my parents place and the other is in the town where a good friend of mine lives ).

The one we spend the most time at is very well taken care of, always clean, the grass is always cut and it is overall a nice little park. It is smaller so I am easily able to watch all the kids while they play. The bigger park not only had a lot of graffiti but there was also trash all over. Even though there were several trash cans, people apparently were to lazy to walk over and just left their trash wherever they were standing.

I had to just shake my head and wonder why people think it is okay to destroy something that a community built for children. I know that a lot of the damage was done by teenagers ( several have been caught lately ) and I just have to wonder why? I know if I ever caught any of my kids doing something like that, the punishment they got from me would be far worse then any punishment they would get from the authorities. They would be down there every weekend, cleaning, painting and scrubbing the park. I would make sure they learned their lesson from it.


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  1. MamaNae on July 26th, 2013 12:40 pm

    I helped build that park. I remember going over daily and washing tires for the swings and using little shovels to help spread the wood chips. It’s so sad how bad it is now, I will not take my kids there.

    My mother-in-law said she took my nieces and nephew there and she saw a group of teenagers doing illegal drugs at the park! She called the cops on them!

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