Lead poisoning- where we are now

Posted 11-28-2011 at 11:15 AM by whitneywalters

Since finding out our two year old daughter had lead poisoning we have had a lead inspector out to go through the house and see if we could find the possible source. He did find lead in a few places in our house. He found high levels of lead on our windows, front porch, basement and outside. We have been working on renovating our house on the inside and outside so we are pretty sure she found paint chips outside and that is what caused it.

We are planning on working on getting rid of all the lead paint within the next year. The windows have already been replaced, we had already ordered new windows before we even knew there was lead paint on them. The lead on the outside will be gone in the spring when we finish painting the garage and sheds. The front porch and basement are going to be the hardest to deal with. We are hoping not to have to strip all the old paint off the walls in front porch, the lead inspector told us we can paint over it and if we kept it in good shape then it is safe. The basement will be painted over also and the wood on the stairs will be replaced.

We got Kairi to a specialist at a near by children’s hospital, they had to redraw her blood. Poor girl had to have it done first because the first time they blew her vein. I hated doing it to her, she cried so hard. I think this has been harder on me honestly then it was her. Her results showed that the lead level is dropping. It went from 37.5 to 29 which means no treatment will be needed and all I need to do is keep giving her extra iron, potassium and calcium. I will be taking her back in three weeks for another check and we are hoping by then the level will be completely gone and we will be given the all clear.

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