Let’s Talk Diaper Coops

Posted 10-7-2013 at 10:01 AM by whitneywalters

What is a COOP?

A coop is a large group buy where you can get a product at a discount. The “host” is who communicates with whoever you are buying from. You add your order to a spreadsheet ( or in some cases you give your order to the host ) and you pay the host. The host then pays the company. In most cases all the items are shipped to the host, who then sorts and ships each order to the buyers. There are a few coops that are called drop ship, these coops are where the company mails directly to each buyer.

There are a ton of diaper coops out there. I have taken part in several of them and they are the reason I have been able to have a large stash. I have also bought diapers as gifts for other people from coops. When my friend first started using cloth diapers, she had a very limited budget so I wanted to help her out. The best way for me to get her a large amount of pocket diapers, was to order them from a coop.

Diaperswappers hosts many coops, facebook has coops and there are many other places as well.

Almost all the diapering coops that I have taken part in are diaper companies from china. I have several alvas and sunbaby diapers. I am on a diaper buying break until after I find out the gender of my baby but I plan to hit up coops as soon as I know what the baby is. I will be buying from overseas as well as wahms.

I know some people are turned off at the thought of using coops because most of the diapers they have seen come from China and they only buy from WAHMS. That said, many wahms are starting to offer coops as well. If you have a favorite wahm I highly recommend messaging them and finding out if they do coops.

– Getting diapers for a much cheaper price then retail.
– Lots of options, if you know where to look.

Disadvantages –
– Long wait to get your product, especially if it is coming from overseas.
– You may not be able to find a coop for the product you are wanting and may have to wait awhile before one opens.
– Diapers can get tied up in customs, making for an even longer wait.


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