Let’s Talk Fitteds

Posted 09-12-2013 at 01:30 PM by whitneywalters

What is a fitted diaper?
A diaper that is shaped to fit a baby. It can be closure-less ( requiring a claw or diaper pins to close ), have velcro or snaps. While made of absordant material, they are not waterproof and will require a cover.
They come in sizes newborn ( xs ), small, medium, large and one sized ( OS ).

Fitted diapers are among my favorites. I will often leave my child cove-less in a fitted diaper if they have a rash. It allows more air while still stopping messes from getting on my floor.

There are to many different fitted diapers out there to name. You can find them all over etsy, hyena cart and diaperswappers if you are looking for a WAHM version. Most big name cloth diaper companies have a fitted diaper and they are easily found used on spots corner and diaperswappers.

Advantages of fitted diapers –
– No folding or stuffing.
– Very breathable.
– Fitteds/covers can be a cheap way to cloth diaper. It all depends on the type of fitted and cover you buy.
– Waterproof layer is separate from the rest of the diaper. This makes the diapers generally dry faster and last longer.

Disadvantages of fitted diapers –
– Can be expensive depending on the brand of fitted diaper you use. Covers can also be expensive, especially if you are using wool covers.
– Bulky compared to many other diapering systems.
– It is a multi step system.


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  1. Bubbles4Fun on September 15th, 2013 1:45 am

    This is a good way to practice EC because you can easily take them on and off for quick trips to the potty – and like you said not worry about getting carpets too stained.

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