Let’s Talk Hybrids

Posted 09-30-2013 at 01:55 PM by whitneywalters

What is a hybrid diaper?
– A hybrid diaper combines several different styles of diapers into one. Each diapering system includes a shell ( waterproof outer ) and an insert which can be reusable or disposable. The disposable diaper can be thrown out, some are flushable.
– The shell part of the hybrid system comes in both sized and one sized options. Closure may be snaps or velcro.
– There are several different brands of hybrid diapers out there. The shells comes in many different prints and colors.

I personally used the best bottom diapering system for awhile with my third child. It worked well, we never had a leak but I ended up selling it to get more pockets because my husband was not thrilled with changing the liners and he preferred the other diapers that we had.

Advantages –
– You can reuse the cover multiple times before washing ( unless soiled with poop ).
– The flushable liners can be convenient, especially when on the go.
– They are a trimmer diaper.
– Fast drying.

Disadvantages –
– If you are throwing out the liners, you are still adding to the landfill.
– If using a reusable liner, will have to touch it and it may be pee soaked.
– Can be expensive compared to other cloth diapers.
– Multi step system.
– The shell, some reusable inserts and disposable inserts are not made of natural materials.


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