Let’s Talk Pockets

Posted 09-27-2013 at 11:00 AM by whitneywalters

What is a pocket diaper?
– A pocket diaper is a diaper cover that has an opening sewn in for stuffing. They are made of a water proof outer layer and a stay dry inner layer. The two pieces are sewn together, leaving the pocket for stuffing.
– There are several different types of inserts out there for stuffing pocket diapers. There are cotton, hemp, micro-fiber and pre-folds just to list a few of the choices.
– You can customize the amount of stuffing needed.
– Come in velcro or snaps for closures.
– Sizes include newborn ( xs), small, medium, large and one sized ( OS ).

Pockets are widely available online, come in many different colors and prints. You can get pocket diaper very cheap from many different online coops.

Pockets make a good over night diaper since you can double stuff if your baby is a heavy wetter. I prefer using pockets with my toddlers. They rarely leak unless they have been left on for far to long.

Advantages –
– Cheaper then most AIOS diapers.
– No cover needed.
– Fast drying.
– Can be a trim diaper, depending on the amount of stuffing used.
– Can be unstuffed and used for a swim diaper.
– Inserts are cheap.

Disadvantages –
– The PUL can wear out after time.
– You have to remove the liner before washing, most can be shook out but sometimes you do have to touch it and pull out a wet liner.
– Not all pockets come with an insert. You may have to purchase them separately.
– If using a synthetic fiber, you may experience a build up. The build up can cause a stink issue and make the liner not adsorb as well. They can be stripped but stripping is a long process.


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  1. newbieme on February 13th, 2014 7:22 pm

    awesome. thank you for this post and for the detailed description of what a pocket’s pros and cons are.

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