Low to no cost summer fun

Posted 06-20-2012 at 07:29 AM by whitneywalters

Summer is here and my family is on a strict budget once again. We have a little more wiggle room then we did last summer but we still have to keep our summer activities low cost. We are an active family of six and we try to do at least one family activity on the weekends.

Here is a list of some of our low cost summer plans-

1. Picnic in the park

– This is one of the kids favorite things to do as a family. We pack drinks, sandwiches, chips, fruits, veggies and a dessert. We eat lunch at a local park and then spend the afternoon playing. The area we live has a nice park with a shelter, a pond and a play area so we always go there for our picnics. We always have a blast and since we have to eat lunch anyway this ends up being a no cost family outing.

2. Parades and town events
– Our town and a couple of the surrounding towns have a lot of events in the summer that do not cost anything to attend. There is a family fair, movie nights, parades and other events to attend.

3. VBS
– The church we attend puts on an awesome VBS. It lasts five days and is a couple hours in the evening. It is for ages 4+ so only the two older kids go but they have a lot of fun. It can be a no cost event but we buy the kids a VBS shirt from church so it will cost a grand total of $10.

4. Summer reading program and library events
– Our local library hosts a wonderful summer reading program. It is for ages birth to adult and the kids and I love doing it. We spend the summer fulfilling our reading goals and at the end of the summer we get prizes. On top of that the library hosts summer events. They have kids movie nights, craft days, story time and more.

5. Water park fun
We live close to a couple nice water parks. We wait for them to put coupons in the local newspapers and then we spend an afternoon at the water park. It does cost but it was so worth it!

6. Zoo membership
– This is a bit costly to start with but we visit the zoo a lot to make it worth the money. Plus having a zoo membership opens up more events that we can attend that the zoo puts on for free or a lesser charge. They have safari days, scavenger hunts and other really fun events for the kids.

7. County fairs
– The amount you spend at these fairs is totally up to you. We go in the afternoon in between meal times, look at the animals, let the kids ride a couple rides, get a snack and come home. It does not cost us a lot and the kids really love looking at all the animals that are there.

8. Camp outs
– You can camp in the back yard or the living room. We usually camp in the living room because my four year old daughter is scared to sleep outside all night. We set the kid’s tent up in the living room, make s’mores, stay up late telling stories and then the kids sleep in their tent.

9. Water gun or water balloon fights
– We do water gun fights here. It is usually kids against adults and the kids try hard to soak us completely. Sometimes we even let them.

10. Bubble, side walk chalk and other outdoor fun
My kids could be entertained for hours with bubbles and side walk chalk. They draw pictures, play hopscotch and practice writing their names. They play pop the bubbles and have contests to see who can blow the biggest bubble without popping it.


2 Responses to “Low to no cost summer fun”

  1. Br2me on June 20th, 2012 10:47 am

    great ideas!! thanks for sharing!!

    we are getting an RV soon (i think) and have been working on plans to go camping for little to no cost…camping out on family land at the river and enjoying fishing for example…i even recently heard that you can camp out at state boat ramps for no charge..as long as you are there no longer than 14 days…so that sounds good too!!

  2. Blessed2005 on June 21st, 2012 9:05 am

    Our local movie theater does $1 movies, I think the parent is free. It’s a regal cinema, so you could check the regal website for one near you. This is the first year they have charged anything, it use to be free.

    Also, I was stunned that you have to pay for your VBS shirts! Not a big deal and a financial help for the church, but what?! He, He!

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