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Posted 07-17-2013 at 12:20 PM by Krista

I have written about my husband and my decision to do the Dave Ramsay Total Money Makeover. One of the things that I think I am learning is how to be creative. For example, we have only a certain amount of money in the budget for groceries and household items. Even though I have known we need bug lights for our front door for some time, I forgot to add it on the list when I was making out our plan. Bug lights can be quite expensive (hey, ten dollars seems like a lot when you don’t have a dime that isn’t already accounted for as being spent!) but I knew we needed them, and bad. At night when we turned the lights on, bugs swarmed the front door. Not only is it annoying, in my opinion it makes my house looks haunted. Or, at the very least, unclean.

Anyway, I was pretty upset when I realized that I’d forgotten to put them on the list, and was thinking I’d have to take the money out of my own spending money—which I don’t get much of, by the way—when I had a thought. I found some bug spray for flying insects, sprayed the bulbs, and waited. When night came, I turned on the porch lights and waited. For most of the night (I checked several times) there were absolutely no bugs! There did end up being a few later on, but nothing compared to what I am used to.

I am pretty proud of myself, I’ll admit it. It might seem simple, but I am pleased that I was able to find a solution to help save my family some money. What are other clever, innovative things you’ve done to save money?

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