Making grape juice

Posted 09-30-2012 at 09:30 AM by Heather8183

Go ahead and make fun of me that I’ve literally never juiced anything in my life.  I’ve had my Magic Bullet for probably 6 years.  It came with the juicer attachment, which just sat in the basket, unloved, for all 6 of those years.

My grandparents have a few grape vines.  They usually don’t produce much fruit at all, but for some reason this year they just exploded with grapes!  They told us we could have them to do whatever we wanted with them.  The kids were so excited!

I decided to break out the trusty Magic Bullet and try out that lonely juicer attachment.  Take what I have to say with a grain of salt, since I’ve already admitted I’ve never juiced anything before.  Overall, though, I was really impressed.  I will definitely juice more fruits and veggies with it!

We started with a milk crate full of grapes.  I’d guess there to be around 15lbs of grapes.  There are a lot more left on the vines, so we’ll probably end up picking more tomorrow and making jelly too.  DH took them all off the stems and picked out the bad ones.

I washed all the grapes, and set to work juicing.  The kids really liked helping, and there was no way they could get hurt, so it was a win win.  The only issue I had was that about every 4th batch I juiced, I had to empty the pulp and rinse the pitcher and blade.  At one point, I was explaining to DS (6) how the juicer worked and he interrupted me and told ME how it worked!  I was really impressed that he had it all figured out!


From the milk crate full of grapes, we ended up with an 8 quart pot full of juice, so not bad at all!  We didn’t need to add any sweetener, as the grapes were plenty sweet enough.  We’ll probably keep about half of it out to drink within the next few days and then can the rest…another first for me!  I think we did pretty well though…I certainly got the taste testers’ seal of approval!


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