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Posted 03-22-2013 at 08:31 AM by whitneywalters

You may remember that I have posted before that we are dealing with lead in our home. Our three year old daughter was diagnosed with lead poisoning almost a year ago. Since then we have been doing everything in our power to get rid of the lead threat in the house.

We found out during the lead inspection that we have lead in the living room windows, upstairs windows, on a wall in the front porch ( the porch was added later so this wall used to be the front of the house ) and all over the outside of the house. We were told we needed to replace the windows, dry wall the front porch wall and side the house. We knew there was no way we would be able to side the house right now, it is simply not in our budget and there is no help for lead removal in our area.

Instead of siding we are painting, this is only a temporary fix but it is all we can do right now. The outside painting will be finished this spring. My husband has been doing all the work with some help from my father and brother in law. This spring he is going to have a couple guys from church come over and help him finish it up.

We replaced the living room windows last year and we just ordered the windows to do the upstairs.  It  is costing us almost three hundred more then we had budgeted for but at least it is getting done and we can mark it off our list.

The front porch will also be done this spring. Chris is getting all the supplies and my dad is coming over and helping him get it done.

We are hoping to get the house on the market this summer. We really want to move and we are hoping that the improvements we have been making will be enough to get it sold. Since we have not been able to side, we will still be on a lead hazard list but all we have to do is make sure the buyers know this. I will just be praying that someone is still willing to buy it so we can find something that fits our family better.

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