Making some reading progress

Posted 10-25-2012 at 11:25 AM by whitneywalters

My six year old son has been struggling when it comes to learning to read. I have written about this struggle before and I thought it was getting better but it seemed like we keep having set backs and he just did not want to work with me on it.  I think part of it was him being stubborn and I think the other part was him not remembering things he had learned before and being ashamed to admit it. He and I had come to a breaking point of sorts, I was at my wit’s end, had no idea what else to do, he was upset and unwillingly to try and both of us needed a break. So we took a break. We took almost a week off of reading lessons, we did extra math, played some reading games and took some time to go back and practice his basics.

Instead of letting myself get frustrated I would overly praise him when he did something without any help and when he would be struggling I would just keep cool, not let myself get worked up at all and we would just work though it. Even when he was getting frustrated and lashing out at me, I kept my cool and we worked through it together. I also tried making it as fun as I could, he played online reading games, I made a game out of letter sounds and just did whatever I could to keep things on a lighter level.  After a few days he seemed more relaxed and excited to learn.

When the next week started I told him we needed to start his reading lessons again, he did so much better. He read all seven chapters of his Dick and Jane book to me and I only needed to help him sound out three words in the whole book. I was incredibly proud of him and I let him know just how happy I was to see him doing so well.  I told him once he is able to read the book completely without any help that he will get to move onto a new reader and he already picked out which one he wants to start.

He is starting to recognize and spell more words on his own also. I think it has finally clicked with him that reading is fun and does not have to be a battle. He is seeing that learning to read means he will get to play new games without help, that he will be able to do a lot of things that he would not able to do before.

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  1. ravenchow on October 26th, 2012 7:18 pm

    I teach 3rd & 5th graders that struggle to read with pretty good results. I’d stick with some type of phonics based instruction. Dick & Jane are sight word based which causes kids to do a lot of memorizing…not really sounding out.

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